After billing your members, the next step is entering the dues that were collected into the FSPC system. The best way to do this is globally, through the Enter Member Receipts function of the system. By clicking on the Procedures menu and selecting Enter Member Receipts, the program will bring up the Member Batch Payments window.

By clicking on the Create New Batch button, the FSPC program will create a list of members, the amounts they owe, and their billing status (1st Notice, 2nd Notice, Knight Alert, or Status Change). In the Total boxes, you will see the total amount owed in the gray box and the amount that has been entered in the white box.

In the Payment column, you enter the amount that the member paid. You do not need to enter all membersí payments at one time. If you only have a handful, you can enter them now and then create a new batch later when you have more.

After entering in the member receipts that you have received, press the Post Payments button. This will clear the batch and enter the payments into the memberís ledger. Next click on the Apply Payments button, this will apply the payments to the charge. Lastly, click on Exit to close this window. All payments received will now appear on the ledgers of the appropriate members and will be applied towards the Annual Dues charge.